The Wildheart Trust is a charity dedicated to making a meaningful impact to the health of the natural world while actively improving the well-being of animals in human care.


We undertook a comprehensive overhaul of a sizeable website, strategically organising extensive content into easily digestible sections for enhanced user accessibility and navigation.


We created a sleek new web design focused on delivering a streamlined user experience, featuring prominent calls-to-action to guide users seamlessly either the sanctuary or trust pathways.

At the core of Wildheart’s mission lies a deep commitment to conservation. Their dedicated efforts aim to preserve beloved wildlife in their native habitats and ensure the longevity of every species. Advocating for the protection of the natural world, Wildheart tirelessly campaigns to create environments where animals can thrive and flourish.

Through the Trust, Wildheart actively contributes to vital conservation initiatives worldwide. From funding to offering technical support, the Trust champions in-situ conservation programs for endangered species such as tigers in India, lemurs in Madagascar, and native species within the UK.

Considerable effort was invested in curating captivating content throughout the design phase, enriching the website with visually stunning imagery carefully selected to captivate user attention. Interactive elements such as dynamic maps were strategically incorporated to enhance user engagement and enjoyment of navigation. Additionally, the integration of live webcams offers visitors a unique and immersive experience, allowing them to observe the sanctuary’s inhabitants in their natural habitat year-round, further enhancing the site’s appeal.

Brightbulb has maintained ongoing support for the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, consistently enhancing their web presence with new features and content. Our partnership allows sanctuary admins to effortlessly handle daily tasks, while we provide technical expertise and support for more complex implementations.