The WightFibre Gigabit Island project will see full-fibre broadband deployed to over 70,000 homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight by 2024. Ultimately the project will see over 80,000 homes connected to the WightFibre network.


Fully integrated web platform for growing sales, connections and driving traffic.


Building a plethora of design collateral to market to both B2C and B2B audiences.


Explaining the need for faster connectivity to customers through energetic animation.


Ideation and collaboration on marketing initiatives and campaigns over the course of 8 years.

Empowering WightFibre’s vision is more than a partnership, it’s our passion. For over 8 years, Brightbulb has helped fuel the evolution of connectivity on the Isle of Wight, working hand-in-hand to elevate WightFibre into one of the most highly regarded ISP brands in the country. Through our dynamic omni-channel approach, we’ve strategically woven the WightFibre brand into every corner of Island life.

We have created 8 years of collateral for WightFibre. From welcome packs to flyers, vehicle wraps to billboards. We have created campaigns based on market trends from the surreal and illustrative to lifestyle and 3D visualisation. Take a look at a couple of examples of brochures that we have produced for WightFibre over the years.