toob believe that access to reliable, fast broadband, regardless of income, technical knowledge, or age, can be life changing and benefit the communities in which they operate. Broadband that helps customers gain access to further education, career opportunities or simply Netflix.


Target visitor rate


The creation of animated elements and transitions for toob’s Sky Adsmart TV campaign.


Video shoot and edit to showcase the broadband install procedure at toob as well as creation of a Sky Adsmart TV campaign.

Founded in 2018, Toob’s mission is clear: make high-speed internet accessible and affordable for everyone. Operating a full-fibre network, their experienced team in Portsmouth ensures this vision becomes a reality.

Teaming up with Brightbulb, Toob launched a Sky TV advertising campaign to drive website traffic and expand their customer base. We also produced an installation video to simplify the full-fibre setup process for customers.

Brightbulb further enhanced the collaboration by crafting an explainer video. This visual journey accompanied a toob engineer during a full-fibre installation, providing customers with a clear understanding of the process in their area. Beyond customer education, this video served as a valuable resource for internal teams, offering precise insights into the step-by-step procedure, from arrival at a customer’s doorstep to router activation.