For over 15 years, Isle of Wight Tomatoes have been growing tomatoes in the rich fertile soil of the Arreton Valley, combining age-old traditions with modern-day innovation to become the largest tomato grower in the UK. They are passionate about growing tomatoes that taste the way they should.


Brightbulb redeveloped the current website to support the expanding needs of the business, introducing an enhanced subscription service. We also accommodated a new look and feel implemeted by IW Tomatoes during a brand refresh.


Brightbulb help with constant developments as the e-commerce side of the business grows. Developing new ideas and implementing best web practices.

Isle of Wight Tomatoes cultivates an impressive array of over 40 delectable tomato varieties annually, presenting consumers with a delightful spectrum of choices. Recognising the significance of this variety in catering to customer preferences, the company sought Brightbulb’s expertise to enhance their website functionality. Brightbulb was tasked with refining the user journey and implementing new features to streamline the selection process, including a subscription service aimed at fuelling the business’s expansion.

Utilising the robust Laravel framework as our foundation, Brightbulb has meticulously revamped substantial portions of the website over recent years. These enhancements not only render the site more intuitive for administrators but also provide a seamless and engaging experience for customers.

Additionally, in line with the business’s comprehensive brand overhaul, Brightbulb integrated the refreshed brand identity onto the website. Collaborating closely with other agencies under the creative direction of Isle of Wight Tomatoes, we ensured a harmonious implementation of the new brand style across the digital platform.