With distribution across the globe, Datum Electronics have been creating award-winning torque products for over 30 years. Datum put data at the forefront of what they do, leading the way into a Maritime 4.0 revolution.


Creating a website and SEO strategy to drive traffic, generate leads, and enhance sales pipeline performance.


Overhauling direct and digital marketing assets for a contemporary look and feel.


Revitalising Datum’s marketing strategies for heightened brand awareness and comprehensive business visibility.


Animation, video, PPC, event management. You name it, we’ve done it for Datum Electronics.

Datum Electronics leads the charge in empowering vessel and fleet owners with data-driven torque measurement products for enhanced sustainability and efficiency. Brightbulb has been a trusted partner of Datum Electronics for several years, collaborating on global marketing initiatives to amplify their success and seize new opportunities, expanding product penetration into diverse industries.

Our partnership with Datum Electronics thrives on a shared appreciation for the transformative potential of data. Datum harnesses the power of their products to glean invaluable insights, revolutionising perspectives within the marine industry. At Brightbulb, we’re committed to amplifying Datum’s message of sustainability and efficiency, ensuring it reaches the right audiences and drives meaningful impact.

Our partnership with Brightbulb has been exceptionally rewarding. Led by Matt, a passionate and dedicated business owner, his team has excelled in delivering comprehensive services from website design to marketing. Their shared enthusiasm and innovative strategies significantly boosted our brand’s visibility and performance. BrightBulb’s professionalism and creativity stood out, making them an asset in our journey for business growth. We highly recommend them for their outstanding contributions and the remarkable results we’ve achieved. Thank you, Matt and team, for your exceptional support.

Michael Irons ACCA

Managing Director – Datum Electronics