Why is Branding so important for your Business?

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A common misconception is that branding is simply a logo, a slogan, or a punchline. Although these are a key part of a brand, it actually goes far beyond this. Branding involves every aspect of a customer’s experience, from a logo to a website, social media posts, staff uniforms and advertising. Branding identifies your business and gives your business it’s own personality.

Here’s some top tips if you are looking at starting a new brand, or rebranding your current business….

Get to know your customers.
Your brand is an extension of your business. It reflects on you, and your company’s image. What message do you want to get across to your customers? You should be clear as to what type of audience will find appeal in your products/services. Your branding is the first thing a customer will think of when they hear about you. This will perceive how they think of you and your business.

Knowing your target market and how to appeal to them is the way to a good brand. For example, if you run a Law firm, you won’t want big bold imagery and Bright colours. You would more than likely be looking at something more simplistic and professional. If like us, you have a design firm, there has to be something a bit different in your branding that helps you stand out from the rest. Whether it’s a catchy logo, Bright colours, or an interesting font. It’s about understanding your niche and representing yourself in the smartest way within that niche.

Education Destination logo
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Sherbet Logo

Invest time in creating your logo.
A logo is a very effective representation of a brand that encapsulates the ethos and nature of the business in one go. Investing your time in designing a logo is very important.

It can be easy to assume that having a logo designed is expensive, which is why a lot of business owners take to the internet for cheaper alternatives. The majority of the time, they will then find that they’re in receipt of a logo that looks like countless others, and does very little to effectively communicate the brand.

When creating a logo, it’s important that it clearly reflects your brand. It’s very worthwhile to get the right kind of graphic designer on board. This will ensure that your logo looks professional. Sometimes, it’s not just the design, but the choice of colours and other elements of a logo that make your logo stand out. A designer will have a clear knowledge of what does and doesn’t work. 

Branding Supports Advertising
Advertising is another huge part of your brand. When you want to advertise, to gain new customers or to keep your business name out there, you don’t want to have a boring advert that no one will look at. You want your business to stand out from the crowd. People want to know exactly what type of business you are and gain a positive message from your advertising. If you have a great logo, and a continuous brand message throughout your branding, it will be easier to transfer that to your advertising, making you stand out more.

morph ict business cards

When you browse your local newspaper, there are certain household companies that pay for the same ad to run throughout the year. It becomes so repetitive that half the time, customers don’t even look at it. They immediately turn the page. If your brand has something eye catching, you will find it draws peoples attention for longer. When we designed the logo below for Isle of Wight Day, we knew that it would be used in a lot of press, and printed across the Island for years to come. We had to think about eye catching colours, a theme to suit the Isle of Wight, and something relevant.

Isle of wight day logo by brightbulb

Branding can help you win new customers

A good brand will make it easier for you to win referral business. Strong branding generally means there is a positive impression of your company among consumers. People are more likely to do business with you because they want to use a brand that they can trust. If you show this in your Branding message, your existing customers will likely recommend you to others.

If for example you are a new designer with poor branding, and your client is a family member that trusts you because they already have a relationship with you, they may be embarrassed to refer you to other people as they do not know you and may pre judge you based on your branding.

You will be judged by your Branding

If your logos boring, with no excitement, people will assume you are a boring business. They can judge you based on your branding because it’s the first message they see. For example, if an accountants firm has a childish amateur logo, people will not want to put their trust into them to look after their finances. But if their branding shows a strong clear, professional message, they are more likely to want to work with them.

Hillbans Advert

Think outside the box

Here at Brightbulb Design, we pride ourselves on thinking outside the box. Some think it can be risky, but normally the risk pays off. We were recently tasked with an advert for Hillbans pest control, so we sent them some concepts of the required work including some variations. We knew the sort of work they normally used, so we created an ad along those guidelines, but we also wanted to think outside the box and try something different. So we created an ad with a picture of cockroaches wearing rucksacks (see above). They were impressed with both ads and chose to run the “fun” ad. This was received very well and we have had a few compliments on the ad when it was published in the Island Business magazine.

We hope you have found this blog helpful! If you are starting a new business, and would like some help with your branding, or if you are an established business and feel that your branding is now dated and you are looking to rebrand, please give us a call on 01983 506505 or e-mail hello@brightbulbdesign.co.uk and we will be more than happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs.

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