What’s it like working at Brightbulb Design?

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Neve Blog

Last year, we were approached by a family member asking if we would be interested in having Neve Rust do some work experience with us. They explained that she attends the Isle of Wight Studio school and that students there do one day a week in a work placement. Neve had been following what we did and believed she could be a useful tool for us and that we would be a great place to take her placement.

Every Tuesday since October 2018, Neve has shown up promptly at 9am and worked her hardest on any project we have thrown at her. When we asked Neve if she wanted to write a short Blog about working with Brightbulb, she jumped at the chance and started writing straight away. Heres what she has to say…

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be working here at Brightbulb Design? Well now you have your chance to find out. Picture this, one day a week your working alongside two fantastically talented designers who spend more time in the office than at home and a brilliant head of happiness that cares about your welfare more than her own. 

Every Tuesday I come in to do my work experience here, from 9 till 2:15 I’m here focusing solely on the business’s various social media outlets hoping to somehow help them with my generations vast and slightly strange knowledge of the online world. It’s both exciting and scary, having so much power over something so integral to their business is a huge responsibility for me and is allowing me to grow my abilities which could prove valuable in the modern era.

It is a bubbly, chatty office full of not only work relationships but friendships too. The environment invokes a kind comfortable atmosphere which boosts the abilities of us all to work even harder. Not only do we busy ourselves inside the office but since being here we have done many exciting things, from the Brighstone Christmas Tree Festival to being sat in a presentation I’ve experienced many different areas of business life.

Working here has taught me how to be confident in myself and my ideas, although they may not always be great, they are given time and patience as well as constructive feedback. It has given me a sense of what office work is like and enabled me to see the big wide world of business first hand – progressing not only my people skills but helping me put actual context into my school work where necessary. 

From this experience I would like to be able to take all the skills I’ve learnt since October and reuse them somewhere else when I finish year 11. To people looking for work experience I have some advice:

“Don’t settle for something you aren’t interested in, find something that will help improve you.”

We have enjoyed every second working with Neve and hope that she has a Bright future when she leaves us in May. Who knows, further down the line, Neve may join the Brightbulb team again!

2019 looks to be an exciting year for the Brightbulb team as we hope to grow our team and our office space, meaning we will have more people able to assist students on work experience in the future.

We have discussed work experience with a few education providers and will offer more opportunities as we grow.

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