Are you Utilising Social media for your business?

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Social media has become a huge platform to advertise your business and tell people all about your brand, yet many businesses still don’t have a Facebook business page, a twitter account, or any other social media presence.

I have heard people say “Its too much trouble, I don’t have the time”. While that may be the case for you, once you know how to use these sites, they are fairly easy to understand and only take a couple of hours to set them up initially.

I was at a hairdressers last week, and the hairdresser asked how I found out about the salon, I told her that I looked through lots of Island salons Facebook pages and loved the before and after photos I saw on theirs! She explained that her manager is not interested in Facebook or any other social media accounts, even though approximately 30% of their business was gained through their Facebook page!

The first thing you need to do is think about which social networks are best suited to your business. I have given a few examples below…

LinkedIn – This is a very useful tool for people that want to network with business owners alike, or if you are looking for new employees. People can look around at your professional network and contact you through direct messaging. We find this useful to keep up with our clients latest news and events.

Facebook – Possibly the most used social network for businesses, some businesses even use this as a sole advertisement of their business as they don’t require a website. While this is a good solution for a small low budget business, it is also a very useful tool for bigger businesses! Facebook have updated the way we make pages so that we can customise our page to suit our business. A restaurant now has the option to add the menu to their page, you can add services, awards, as well as lots of other very useful information that people may be looking for when they search for your page. It takes a while to add all of the initial content, however its easy to keep updated and can be edited to suit your needs.

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Twitter – Over 500 million tweets are sent every single day! Twitter is very unique and becoming increasingly popular for businesses as the main social networking page. It keeps people engaged and is a great way to increase brand awareness with very little effort. You can keep informed with current clients, previous clients, and potential clients by adding them to a list so that you can view only the tweets you want in your newsfeed. Its also very good for boosting your SEO and driving website traffic.

Instagram – This is the best platform if you are a visual business ie an artist! You can post constant pictures of your work and keep your audience engaged. 60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram! Its a brilliant tool for a business that is selling a unique product.

This is a very small variation of the different ways you can use social media to help boost your brand. It really is worthwhile to keep up to date with the latest ways to utilise these free tools we have been given.

If you have no social media presence and you want some advice or some help setting up your networks, please contact us!

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