What are TikTok Stories?: A Feature to Rival Instagram

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tiktok stories feature

The Story feature, has been in testing since last summer, now is being expanded by TikTok. Similar to other platforms, TikTok Stories last 24 hours and then they’re automatically deleted. Additionally, you can access them by clicking on a user’s profile picture. These Stories also have been appearing on the ‘For You’ page.

If you are the creator you can see how many people viewed your story, but unlike other platforms like Instagram you cannot observe who viewed your stories. People are also able to leave a public comment instead of replying to the poster in a direct message.

How do you create a Story on TikTok? Simples! Click “post” in the bottom centre of the app’s navigation bar to post a story. Scroll down to a “quick” camera mode to add a photo or a video. As with normal TikTok videos, these videos have the same creation options, including the ability to reply to comments and use filters. The same isn’t true for photos as you don’t need a recording timer for a photo, since it’s a photo. However, you can still add effects and music to photos.

Unfortunately, not everyone has this feature on their app. It appears that if you don’t have access to the Story feature you cannot view the stories that were posted. Good thing the feature is just on pilot, meaning once it has been proved to be working well everyone may get access to it.

Do you think TikTok Stories will be a hit?

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