The Fresh Faces of Brightbulb Design

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Brightbulb started back in 2014 with Matt Jeffery working solo at his desk in his dining room. Since then the business has grown immensely while keeping up with the growing need for quality design and digital services. This month we are proud to welcome 3 new teamies to our Brightbulb family.

After weeks of looking we found these bright characters who we are delighted to introduce as fresh faces to our Brightbulb team.

Jasmine is a stylish person, with previous experience with managing social media at a social media marketing company. In addition to her social skills, she also has experience in photography and graphic design. She will help our social media team, Oliver and Fanni along with another new addition, Daniel, who also has skills in social content creation and being a bit of a Twitch buff too. Isabel is a shy but brilliant individual with a unique skill set and willingness to take her skills to new heights. She studied film and media at A-level and is looking to grow brighter than ever. She will help our design team, Adam and Claire along with the social team with amazing visuals.

Our newest member of Brightbulb’s Social Media Management and Marketing team Daniel:

“So far since joining the team at Brightbulb, I’ve felt that not only is the atmosphere very welcoming but also very motivating. No two days are the same here and it’s very relaxed yet hard working; I’ve loved every minute”

With our new and current team members we have grown from Matt’s days in his dining room to an office of 15 talented individuals. We are ready to reach new milestones as a brand while providing our clients with exceptional services to reach their ambition.

Want to chat to our newbies? At Brightbulb Design, we help brands to grow through exceptional design and outstanding strategies to grow their business. For more information, give us a call on 01983 506 505 or email us at

Adam Hayles

Pantones, pixels or print, Adam likes pushing boundaries (creative ones!). He leads the design team, offering inspiration and graphic knowledge to those around him. He is at the forefront of client management, designing high-visibility, attention grabbing graphics and animations.

He also holds the keys to the petty cash box, only to be opened for milk, office cakes and the occasional ice cream. He’s keen on getting ‘plastered’, having completed a plastering course at the local college.  A true pillar of excellence in the Brightbulb team.


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