Mince Pie Madness takes over the Island. But will it ever return. You decide!

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The Mince Pie Marathon once again took place this year on the 13th December.  Over the past few years, Brightbulb have raised a staggering £22,771, all from the sale of mince pies going to The Wight Brainy Bunch charity.

The charity puts the donation to great use by paying for those unfortunate enough to suffer from a brain tumour by funding rehabilitation and counselling as well as transport on and off the Island and even help with loss of earnings. The team at Isle of Wight Tomatoes joined Brightbulb and the Wight Brainy bunch this year as the main sponsor for the event.

Left to right: Fi from Brightbulb and Daniella Voisey from Isle of Wight Tomatoes

Business Development Manager, Daniella Voisey stated,

“We have been involved a couple of times in the Mince Pie Marathon and when Brightbulb approached us about sponsoring we thought it was a natural fit. We love what they do, we think there’s loads of energy behind this campaign and it’s for a great cause and one of the things that Isle of Wight Tomatoes is really focussed on is what we can do in our local community.”

The Winner of the Mince Pie Marathon this year was GKN Aerospace, topping the leader board after ordering 480 mince pies. Matt Griffin from GKN Aerospace explains,

“It’s personal to me because 3 years ago my mum died with a brain aneurysm. It was totally unexpected. She was healthy and had no issues. She didn’t smoke, she didn’t drink and one day was fine and the next day, she was gone within hours. I put it through all our site employees to see if we could get some contribution. We knew there was a leader board which was quite competitive, so we wanted to smash that, which we did and got top of the table.”

Brightbulb, The Wight Brainy Bunch and IOW Tomatoes delivering mince pies to the Isle of Wight Chamber of Commerce

Now the Brightbulb team need your help in deciding the future of the Mince Pie Marathon. As Matt Jeffery, Managing Director of Brightbulb explains,

“The Mince Pie Marathon has been an amazing part of our year for our team at Brightbulb for the past four years. We have been chatting through the winding down of the initiative but want to get the thoughts of other local businesses and members of the public. Should we do it one more time next year or bring the Island’s mince pie madness to an end. You can vote on our Facebook page here. Thanks to everyone for your support over the years. It means so much to us all.”

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