Latest Graphic Design Trends part 2

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graphic design trends 2022

In our previous post we talked about a set of graphic design trends that are giving us a mix of nostalgia, boldness, and openness. However there were just too many to fit into a single post so here we continue the list with another set of design trends to boost your ideas for your business throughout 2022.


As an organising design concept, one upcoming trend distinguishes itself from the vibrant colours, broken aesthetics, and psychedelic designs using clean, strong lines and is making a strong comeback in 2022. Look for symmetry, geometry, and simple, but aesthetically pleasing works to recognise its return. By embracing the unconventional and anti-traditional, Art Deco gives a geometric shape and bold outline.

Cocktail Kits Business Cards by Cody Petts


This style has been around since the 4th century AD from the Han dynasty after the invention of paper. A picture is made from layers of paper and each design is cut out of one single sheet in contrast to collages. However, designers implement both techniques to create stunning designs in different art formats.  

Design for Goddards Brewery by Claire Speight from Brightbulb Design


3D characters have invaded the graphic design space in apps, websites, and animation. These characters adapt to 2D design, holographic, candy colour design, and everything we’ve talked about in our previous post. 


The twisting, melting and distorted aesthetics of the psychedelic ‘60s changed design forever. With each new counterculture, these visuals always return as an immortal trend. The psychedelic trend, which started with Wes Wilson’s famous rock posters mimicking acid trips with weird colours, has now returned to reflect the confusion of our time.

Weird dreams – 01 by Gurika for PING PONG


Holographic design trend made its way to stationery, clothing, product design and the list goes on. Due to its mixture of high gloss multidimensional pastel highlights, its holographic design looks very futuristic and high tech. In addition, the highlights create the illusion of movement to the static images.

Redshift by ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Which design trend is your favourite so far? 

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