Latest Graphic Design Trends Part. 1

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2022 has so far been a marvellous year for designers and so we thought we would put together a list of the latest graphic design trends blending nostalgia, motion, and an open-minded attitude.


2022 has continued to show a great collaboration between 2D and 3D mashups and this design trend continues to progress, transforming and improving itself. It provides countless opportunities for artists and designers to create something unique. The trend can be adapted to multiple formats from illustration to web designs while blurring the line between hyper-realistic 3D visuals (digital and physical) and mixes them with 2D and paper cut-out elements.

3D Illustration for Altrüus Gifting App by Igor Pavlinski


This trend breaks the rules on typography. The twist usually refers to something that breaks the order such as one upside down letter, smaller or bigger or follows a different pattern, missing a font or the font is a different style.

Summer speed deal by Adam Hayles (Brightbulb Design) for WightFibre


In 2021, gold design was a popular trend giving objects the unique feel and mimicked realistic gold. The trend has now moved to glass and crystals bringing graphic design to an exceptional level with realistic 3D.

Crystal by J.King Chou


We still love our pastel colours! However, in 2022 you can stand out of the crowd by knowing your colour theory and using bright candy colour schemes. These colours are excellent for catching the viewers attention as well as making a bold statement.

海洋#babe by X Five


In its original form, the risograph was used for office copying and administrative tasks. Artistic and design professionals soon used it to create beautiful abstract artwork, posters, and advertisements that are impossible to ignore. Their first distinguishing feature is the vivid colours that no other printer can produce. In addition to that, the prints are prone to minor imperfections such as ink bleeding, inconsistent colours, or rough textures.

Riso Deco Desert Texture Spreads by Tanya Brassie

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