How to keep your designer happy

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In a creative world, things work differently. Handing over the identity of your brand and reputation can be intimidating. However, this is the smartest decision you can make in a business perspective. The ultimate purpose for any graphic designer is to satisfy their clients with their completed commissions. There are also certain steps you as a client can do to ensure you obtain the best designs possible and avoid further delays.

Get involved in the process

Lack of involvement and communication can delay the design process. You, as a client, need to know what message you would like to communicate through your logo. Not giving enough direction leaves your graphic designer with less to work with. By providing them with useful directions, such as information about your business, colour schemes you would like to see etc., you will increase the abilities of your designer interpreting your brief how you want them to.

Have an open mind

Every designer, graphic or web designer, requires directions and feedback. However, too much direction is considered counteractive. Keep in mind, graphic designers have a good deal of experience in the creative field, so do not be afraid to let them take the lead on the process. You hired a trained professional, it is worth to keep an open mind to new concepts and suggestions, as it can lead to a better outcome.

Give constructive feedback to your designer

Bear in mind to be clear when you provide feedback to your graphic designer. Imprecise feedbacks such as “I just don’t like it” and “this is not what I had in mind” are extremely difficult for a designer to work with. Presenting a constructive feedback about what is good and what else is needed to be done gives them the opportunity to convey your company’s message accurately whilst delivering the product to the best of their abilities.

Understandably, there can be difficulties to keep to all of the steps, however these are the steps you, as a client, need to consider if you expect the best outcome for your company. Brightbulb Design have a raft of designers with years of knowledge on working with brands. We can help guide you through the design process to get the optimum results. Get in touch on 01983 506505, email or find out more about our graphic design work here

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