How Packaging can Transform your Product Sales

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Recently, we went on a family holiday in the Lake District. When strolling along Pooley Bridge, we passed Chestnut House Gin tasting tent. Of course we tried a few, but the one that stood out to us was the Mermaid Gin bottle.

Perhaps this is because it is so familiar to us and we spotted it immediately, or is it the beautifully designed bottle? When talking to the salesman, he told us that Mermaid Gin sales had rocketed since the new bottle arrived. People see it as a collectable item, and once they try the amazing Gin inside, I’m sure it will become a firm favourite in the ever expanding world of Gin.

If you look at a smarties tube, when I was a child, they were a thick cardboard tube with a plastic lid with a letter on the reverse side. The highlight of the packaging was to be able to pop the lid and aim it at a sibling, but we also collected up the lids to make games and spell words out. This was a very clever idea from Nestle, and although they have since changed to a more eco friendly card lid, they still kept the letter idea as they knew it was effective.

Most of us have probably had a bad experience with packaging, for example when Heinz used to sell ketchup in a glass bottle and we would be sticking a knife in to try and get it out and avoid pouring the whole bottle on our plate. They learned from this over time and now have the top down option so the ketchup is always easy to squeeze out of the plastic bottle.

A great example of specialists in the packaging field is a business called iDi Pac Ltd. They specialise in finding a solution to all packing needs, whether it’s Coffee that needs to be kept fresh, or tablets that need to be in secure packaging, they find a solution and use innovative technology for it. We found this great webinar from iDiPac about the benefits of packaging customisation and personalisation which is well worth a look.

In these modern times, the way products are packaged are scrutinised if done poorly, like when we receive a parcel from amazon and it’s a huge box, for a tiny product, meaning lot’s of plastic wrap has been included to keep it cushioned. This cannot be cost effective for them to send, and is a huge waste of Carboard and plastic.

The most vital part of packaging, is the design. Some things don’t need fancy design work, if it is something simple like medicine, people might be happy buying paracetamol for 30p instead of a shiny packet for £1.79, but enough people buy the more expensive products because they trust the brand. It could be exactly the same product in the two boxes, but some people will still choose the fancy box believing they are paying for higher quality product.

If you are coming up with a product, let us help you with some ideas so that your branding speaks for itself when it comes to the packaging. We would love to build great ideas with you.

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