Google Search:not just for Easter

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Did you know that Easter eggs are not just for Easter? I am not talking about the superb confection that is a Cadbury’s Creme Egg, (mind you, I could eat those things 365 days of the year), I mean the sort of easter egg that was there all of the time under your nose, hidden as a treat for you to find.

The first Google easter egg that I was aware of is thanks to my love of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. When I was a child I recorded the BBC series, not only on video tape but on audio tape also so that I could listen to it over and over on my way to school. I can still recite large sections off the top of my head and as soon as an amateur dramatics group on the Island put on an adaptation, I will be straight there…. I know all of the parts.  Anyway, I am rather slipping off topic. If you open up Google and type into the search bar “The answer to life, the universe and everything” you will see the google calculator with the answer “42” which of course was the answer that the supercomputer called Deep Thought supplied.

The Google easter eggs that are probably the most famous, are the Friends easter eggs. For instance, type the name of David Schwimmer’s character in Friends “Ross Geller” into the search bar and click on the sofa at the side his name…. Done it yet?…The screen tilts while Ross shouts the classic line “PIVOT”. Click again, and it continues until the sofa breaks in two. Phoebe Buffay brings up a cat singing her hit classic song “Smelly Cat”. If you are a friends fan, you will appreciate these, and there is one for each character.  

There are a stack of Google easter eggs hidden on the internet.  To get you started….. Give these a go….

1 – Type in to the search bar “Do a barrel roll” and hold on to your seat. I hope that you don’t suffer from motion sickness, or this could really end badly.

2 – “Flip a coin”. If you are the sort of person who has difficulty in deciding if you want to have tea or coffee in the morning, just ask google to flip a coin to decide for you. Job done and you can move on with your morning.

3 – “Loch Ness”. Click on maps and take a look around the misty banks of Loch Ness. Click on the position pointer and zoom in…. Can you see Nessie in the bottom right hand corner of the screen? While looking around you can also plan your journey around the Loch by car, by bike, on foot or by Loch Ness Monster, although to be honest, this is so well hidden… I haven’t seen it yet!

4 – “Pac Man”.   Type in Pac Man and you are treated to a reprise of the superb Google page top which features a playable level of the pioneering arcade game.

5 – And finally…. “Atari Breakout”.  While we are in the mood for some historic arcade action, step back into the eighties and de-stress for a few minutes smashing boxes with a bouncy ball. (You need to click images for the desktop game to appear. This does not work on mobile phones sadly).

There are loads out there for you to find. If you look hard enough you might even find the easter egg hidden* on the Brightbulb website.

* – there is no easter egg hidden on the Brightbulb website.

We have found a full list of all google easter eggs here

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