Flightbulb Competition

· 1 minute read

With the launch of our new app Flightbulb we are also launching a competition with the chance to win a Brightbulb hamper worth over £100. On our new game there is a leaderboard and the person that is top of the leaderboard by 9pm on the 31st August 2019 will win the Brightbulb hamper.

Note: We cant get enough of playing the game here at Brightbulb Design so if any of our own team (Matt, Fiona, Shane, Adam, Vicky, Alan, Bob) are in the top spot on this date they will be excluded from the competition and the prize will go to the next person that is not a member of our team.

To download the game on iOS or Android you can go to our app website www.flightbulb.brightbulbdesign.co.uk and click the App Store or Google play links.

The only rules to enter are that you must enter your name and email and tick the box to say that we are able to contact you so we can contact you to let you know you have won the prize.

Good luck and take flight with Flightbulb

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