app development

The mobile conversation starter

 Over the coming year, it is expected that the number of app downloads worldwide will be over 299 billion.

Create a mobile conversation starter with your very own iOS, Android or progressive web app (PWA). Having your app on your customers phone will give you a way to constantly and instantly engage with that person. Push your latest news notifications, offers or up-sells directly to their phones or add value with an app that improves your customer service experience. Brightbulb understand the DNA of a great app and can integrate it into your business.

how can an app help your business?

Apps provide convenient access to your products or services anytime, anywhere. This accessibility can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, as users can easily engage with your brand whenever they need to.

Internal business apps can streamline operations and improve efficiency by automating tasks, managing workflows, and facilitating communication among team members. This can lead to cost savings and productivity gains for your business.

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monetisation opportunities

Depending on your business model, you can generate revenue directly from your app through in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertising, or other monetisation strategies. Display advertisements within the app can also generate revenue. You can partner with advertisers to display banner ads, interstitial ads, or video ads.

e-commerce integration:

By incorporating e-commerce features directly into your app, you create a seamless shopping experience for your customers. They can browse products, read reviews, add items to their cart, and complete transactions without ever leaving the app, resulting in a frictionless purchasing process.

invest in a future-ready partnership with brightbulb

Choosing Brightbulb isn’t just about the initial app launch; it’s an investment in a long-term partnership. We are committed to continually optimising your app, staying agile in response to industry trends, and ensuring your online presence remains impactful and relevant for years to come.

it’s all in the details

What is the app development process like?

How long will it take to develop my app?

Do you develop apps for both iOS and Android platforms?

Can you help with app design and user experience (UX)/UI?

Will my app be scalable for future growth?

Do you provide ongoing maintenance and support for my app?

Can you assist with app marketing and promotion?

What is the cost of app development?