getting animated

Making the complex seem simple

Research found that companies that utilise animated explainer videos in their marketing strategies saw an impressive 40% increase in sales conversions.

This substantial improvement in conversion illustrates the ability of animated content to captivate and educate potential buyers, leading to higher levels of interest and engagement in your product or service.

grab attention and engage your followers

Capturing and retaining the attention of potential clients is paramount. Here at Brightbulb, we understand the pivotal role that animation plays in achieving these objectives. Using market-leading design platforms such as After Effects and Blender, and adding a touch of Brightbulb design magic, we create true animated story telling experiences.

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a fun and fluid process

Our process is as enjoyable as it is seamless. It all starts with a conversation to understand your vision. Then, we sketch out a storyboard, mapping out the scenes to bring your ideas to life. Once you give the green light, we craft the assets needed for your animation. You’ll have the chance to review the illustrations, ensuring they align perfectly with your vision. Once approved, our animators breathe life into each scene, and voila! Your vibrant video is ready to captivate your audience.

let Brightbulb craft your story through animation

Animation is a real art form which immediately creates a lasting impact on your viewers. We meticulously craft beautiful animations which communicate your message and generate results. Let’s tell your story together, through animation.

it’s all in the details

How long does it take to produce an animation?

What is the typical process for creating an animation?

Can you create custom animations tailored to our specific brand and messaging?

Do you produce 2D, 3D or both types of animation?

Do you provide voiceover services or should we source our own talent?

What are the costs associated with creating an animation, and are there any additional fees we should be aware of?

Will we have the opportunity to provide feedback and revisions during the production process?

What formats will the final animation be delivered in, and how can we integrate it into our marketing channels?