Drawing on the walls of LinkedIn HQ

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So the 16th September 2019 was a pretty special day. Brightbulb Design and J Williams and Co were invited to LinkedIn headquarters by Christopher Barron, LinkedIn’s UK Enterprise leader.

As we walked to the headquarters we were excited to see what the day would hold. Both being Linked in super fans we were excited about just stepping foot through the door and didn’t know what to expect. As we got closer to the glass fronted turn-style we saw LinkedIn written proudly on the wall and a large, lit, LinkedIn icon in the corner of reception. We signed in on the funky sign in monitors that WRS Systems would be proud of. This notified Chris of our arrival and quickly he met us at reception.

We started our tour at the LinkedIn barista station, serving aptly named Brightnote coffee and then moved on to the boardroom for a chat with Chris. Me and Jeri looked at each other in excitement. I mean we were in the LinkedIn boardroom, truly a momentous occasion.

Those that use social media for business will know that LinkedIn is fast becoming the no.1 platform for businesses. Engagement is up and in fact in 2019 it is the fastest growing social media network. It is also as Chris Barron’s explains the most trusted.

“Linked In has been voted the most trusted social media platform for the last 2 years”, he explained, he continued “Connecting the world’s professionals to make them more productive and successful is the key to LinkedIn’s growth plan.”

LinkedIn is not just reserved for the CEO’s or directors of the world but it is front line staff that they are directing attention too. Shop workers for instance can be connected to the right jobs at the right times through the platform to have more successful careers.

We were showed a fantastic presentation of what LinkedIn are trying to do and given some great advice that we can use in our businesses to grow our networks as well as info to some of the great features that we were not aware of on the platform.

We found out about recent takeovers of Lynda.com and Glint that are transforming LinkedIn further and the developments of the platform. I also spoke to Chris about the recent taxi work we had done on LinkedIn outdoor advertising space having worked with Sherbet London to push these campaigns out on the road.

Next was lunch. Chris took us to the next floor where we were greeted by an amazing food buffet all free for staff to help themselves all day. We sat and had lunch and discussed some of the benefits of working at LinkedIn and my goodness they know how to treat their staff. From all you can eat lunches, special themed days, an on-site gym and fitness area including special classes put on by LinkedIn for the health and benefit of their employees and even unlimited time off for employees, yes you heard me right, it turns out staff actually take less time off if they have the option to have as much time as they like off each year, very innovative thinking.

One of the most unique things Chris spoke about was the away days which they have once a month where everybody downs tools for the day and do different activities together centred around a theme, whether it be wellness or going out into the community for the day giving out vouchers as a random act of kindness. This is a place where you would feel lucky to work. It gave us lots of ideas of what we could do in our own businesses.

After lunch we had a look around the gym and then up to the pièce de résistance,  the outdoor area a few floors up in the building, lined with plants and decked with tables and chairs, its where they entertain guests and have staff Barbecues with 360 degree panoramic views of London from St Paul’s to the Shard it truly is spectacular.

Chris then took us around other areas of the building including walls we could draw on, yes a whole wall with pens where their staff can literally just colour the pictures in on the wall. Both me and Jeri took this opportunity to lay our mark on the building decor. Chris explained that this process is actually quite therapeutic for their staff. We moved onto other areas which had special British themed hot desks like the Royal wedding room and even 1 person pods.

Chris gave us some parting gifts which we gratefully accepted and we then said our goodbyes. A truly special place that taught us alot as business owners. We left with smiles on our faces and thoughts of what we can do to improve our businesses with some of the learnings from the day.

A massive thanks to Chris and Linked In for hosting us. For a large corporation like LinkedIn to offer us this opportunity really does show that they care about their members, every single one.

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