Datum Electronics

· 2 minute read

Brightbulb had the recent pleasure to work with Datum Electronics a world leading supplier and manufacturer. Our team took their previous problematic and clunky looking design and made into something modern and creating a more engaging platform for their customers. We also created a double menu system on the site that navigates the user’s journey into specific areas and sensors making the secondary menu dynamically change based on the user’s option.

In addition, our team built in WordPress CMS and incorporating information from two of Datum’s other websites so all the traffic will be diverted through a single website. We also moved Datum’s domain from ‘.co.uk’ to ‘.com’ to present Datum in more of a global light as they work across the world.

We have started to renovate all of Datums design materials alongside the website build brining full structure between their web and print materials and pushing their vision and values more outstandingly through the site. Importantly we have made sure their British made status is also prominent as British manufacturers are considered some of the best in the world and therefore an important USP for Datum. This renovation marks a new era in datums history, the Evolution of Datum Electronics has arrived.

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