Branding Morph ICT

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Another branding project complete! This time Morph ICT has had the Brightbulb design treatment. Morph ICT are committed to providing high quality School ICT Support across the UK. They offer a variety of bespoke packages meaning teaching staff can get on with teaching and Morph ICT will take care of the rest. To reach this goal, they make sure their clients systems and technical infrastructure is robust, reliable, secure and efficient.

Morph ICT work at the cutting edge of technology and like technology it is in a constant state of flux. Morph ICTwill morph and bend with these changes to ensure they are able to provide support their customers want.

Morph ICT commissioned Brightbulb Design to brand their company with the premise of giving their company a professional and modern look.

Morph business cards

In the words of the CEO, Neil Wilkie,

I have been part of a discussion whereby two companies were tied with price and service but the business manager went with company B because the information pack looked and felt much more professional than company A. I want the logo to make Morph ICT company B.

A clean font has been used with a really modern look. The Morph symbol has been created so that it can be used solo for apps or as part of the overall branding. The colours are distinctive and standout. The overall look is that of a professional, slick operation. that of company B!

Brightbulb Design also went about creating stationary for Morph ICT. The business cards below were created along with designs for compliment slips and letterheads for an overall stationary package.

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