Alex joins the Brightbulb team

· 2 minute read

We have started the year much as we ended the year with a new member of the team joining us here at Brightbulb Design. Alex Liddell has joined us in a full time role as our design strategist bringing with him a multitude of different skills including UI & UX design, website design, extensive knowledge of social media marketing as well as business development and sales, bringing a different dynamic to the team. Alex will look to involve himself within every stage of the design process from sales orientated funnels to brand development, ensuring the clients story is told in the way they envisage.

On a weekly basis Alex will be working between our London office, expanding our Brightbulb London operation and developing our London client base and our Isle of Wight headquarters in Wootton Bridge, bringing the best of London expertise and design trends back to the Isle of Wight. We are really excited to share our future adventure with Alex and have another excellent team player onboard and look forward to introducing him to our clients and business friends.

Over the past 8 months we have brought 4 additional members of staff into the team to facilitate our ever expanding business and exponential business growth. With 10 members of staff and 1 dog, your design, marketing and web design needs are in safe hands at Brightbulb.

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