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Adapt UK

Many businesses physical doors are shut, but your digital doors are open wider than ever. Now more than ever it’s time to adapt to conditions and embrace your digital shop window.

The Covid19 quarantine has everyone safely stowed away at home with loved ones, barring the obvious exception of Keyworkers.

Many of the most beloved local businesses have followed government guidelines and closed their doors for the good of their staff and customers. Meanwhile national businesses can continue to operate behind closed doors from their online stores. e-commerce doesn’t have to remain in the hands of big business – thanks to help with grant funding from Adapt UK, small businesses can invest in building an online shop.

Adapt UK secures funding for your business to invest in online shopping with a massive 50% match funding grant – up to £2,500. Meaning you can invest up to £5,000 into your businesses, and only foot the bill for half of it.

Automating the order process with an e-Commerce shop couldn’t be easier. And, an online store allows your business to reduce time spent taking orders over the phone or by e-mail, you can take card payments online meaning your staff aren’t handling potentially contaminated cash, and you can continue serving the customers you’ve worked hard to earn.

While in lockdown significantly more people are shopping online, and national suppliers are struggling to keep up with demand, so customers are looking to source their goods and services locally. Adapt UK are helping businesses to fund building an online store which combines with your already existing website, or having a brand new bespoke website built with an online shop.

Done right, your website can become so much more than just a window to your physical shop. With an e-commerce online store it can now be the shop window, the aisles, and the products. It’s also the 24/7 staff working the early mornings and the night-shifts, the greeter at the front door, the sales team, the tannoy announcements, and the cashier. At a time when your customer cannot visit your premises, your website and online store has the potential to be practically every employee, shelf, and product.

A Brightbulb designed website and online store automates the process, taking orders day and night, while you and your staff focus on running the business. The process is simple:

  • Contact: Get in touch using this link or the details at the bottom of the page.
  • Planning: Our team reaches out to you, to discuss, design, and tailor a plan for your business.
  • Grant: We help you receive 50% funding for your new Online Shop.
  • Building: The funding arrives in less than a week and we begin building your store
  • Grand Opening: Your Online Shop opens its digital doors!

At step five, the teams at BrightBulb Design and Chris Court Associates help to train you and your staff with how to operate your new online shop, you are only required to pay 50% of the project, and you start taking your first orders online.

Adapt UK was proposed by a longstanding relationship between Brightbulb Designs and Chris Court Associates, who have once again partnered to use our combined experience to benefit local businesses at a time when embracing modern practices is vital.

The Adapt UK grant fund was created to benefit local businesses in the UK, with the help of Chris Court; “This is a great opportunity for businesses to get help in funding projects that will not only ease the current business situation, but will be there for the future too”.

Your business deserves an exceptional website. Not simply another page on the internet for people to see your business, but a platform that can showcase your latest products, be a space where customers flock to when they want to recommend you to their friends, and be the hub that continues your promote your business long after they’ve purchased from you.

CEO of Brightbulb Designs, Matt Jeffery;

“At Brightbulb we know what we are good at, and importantly where we add real value to our client’s businesses”.

At a time when customer can’t walk through your physical doors, your new Brightbulb designed store will allow your customers to browse your digital aisles, and buy from your business day & night.

Learn more here or get in touch.

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