A Special Gift

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You don’t need to see that there is only one page left on the calendar to realise that Christmas is almost here. The new tradition of Black Friday and Cyber Monday are already behind us and the unregulated commercial cavalcade of the Christmas machine has juddered into life one more time.

The radio, television and supermarket are all constantly telling me that the yuletide season is here again and reminding me that the year is nearly over and whenever something ends I can’t help but look backwards as well as forwards. It’s been another huge year for Brightbulb being busy doing what we do best and collecting another couple of business awards along the way.

Now, I love Christmas. I know that if you have read things I have written in the past, then you might doubt that, but I can assure you it is true. Of course what isn’t so nice about this time of year is that type of modern Christmas which is fed by the more unattractive face of capitalism and commercialism feeding our urge to show our love through large gestures of seasonal tat. But that is not what Christmas is about, Christmas is a special time of year, a time of joy and love to all, it’s about trying to be the best version of yourself that you can be, spending time and enjoying the simple things with the ones that you care for.

Over the last little while, here at Brightbulb we have been supporting the Caring Cancer Trust and the fantastic work of giving children who are recovering from cancer, adventure holidays to challenge them and help rebuild their confidence. Why not just pretend that you have one extra person to buy for this Christmas and head over to our donation page for the Caring Cancer Trust click the donate button. We have raised £700 for them so far and would love to keep going and raise as much as we can for them!

How about showing someone you care with the gift of a donkey? At the famous Isle of Wight Donkey Sanctuary, you can adopt a donkey for a year. After visiting a few weeks ago, I have chosen to adopt Bob the donkey for my mother, obviously. Just in case you are worried, they look after the donkey for you, which was a bit of a relief for me as my mother doesn’t have a garden and to be honest i don’t think he would fit in the back of the car.

Giving a gift to charity at this time of year is not just a gift to the charity itself and a gift to the person or animal that is going to receive that care, but it is also a gift to yourself. Indulging in the selfless activity of simply giving to charity is in itself, the antidote to that commercial christmas overdose, buying yourself a little good feeling. Two alka-seltzer tablets for the soul after your third helping of christmas pudding and brandy butter.

From all of us at Brightbulb, we wish you a merry christmas.

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