6 years old today and still working from home.

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Brightbulb Design is officially 6 years old today and I’m still working from home.

Original office in our dining room

It’s crazy to think that 6 years ago I sat at a desk in my dining room attempting to create a business. How things have changed. Today my office has moved to the bedroom. Yes, I have moved up in the world LOL!

Team meetings around our coffee table

In all seriousness when I look back we really have achieved a great deal in that time. We have consistently doubled turnover for 5 years, grown to a much larger team, with capabilities far beyond what I had envisioned and commitment that humbles me.

Our first official office

We have state-of-the-art offices with one of the best views anywhere on the #IsleofWight.

Our state-of-the-art offices in Wootton

We’ve received 7 awards, been the first island business to win a south coast business award and only #graphicdesign business to become quality in business accredited by the IW Chamber.

Winning Small Business of the Year across the South Coast of the UK
Our latest award this year at the IW Radio Awards for Overall Business of the Year

We have helped businesses of various sizes. From soul traders & start- ups to small & medium businesses to global blue chips and raised thousands for charities. 

Raising money for charity through campaigns like the Mince Pie Marathon

Along the way we have designed on some crazy formats, some of my favourite being fibre glass Cows, giant crab mascots, iconic London cabs, a helicopter, the silver screen and a giant I phone.

Helicopter and Taxi campaign for Pretty Little Things

Yes we have done a lot and yet we have only just begun. I’m proud of how far we have come and what my team have achieved. We are all facing hard times at the moment but we will get through this and continue onwards. Here’s to a bright future…

Working back at home due to Covid19

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